What can bed linen for girls do to improve a room’s aesthetics?

Most of us wish to personalize our rooms. While some choose to do so on the basis of our personalities, others might want to do so on the basis of gender merely. You might have seen boys going from the classic blue room and girls going for a pink décor. Well, just because you wish to feminize your room doesn’t mean you have to follow the conventions. Instead, small things can help you do it. For instance, there are bed linens for girls (that are not pink) that help in giving a girl’s room a feminine vibe.

Bed linen for girls can make all the difference. This holds true even if the room has white walls and barely a feminine touch. How? Well, merely covering your bed with a flowery or a vibrant color bedding is enough to set the tone of your room. If you don’t link pink colors, you can opt for other girly bed linens. This includes patterned sheets or purple plain bed linen for girls.

However, buying bed linens will be the first step towards changing the look of your room. You must also accompany them with the following:

  • Cute pillows: Nothing says girly like cute pillows. You don’t necessarily have to get them in the same color. Go wild. Pick pillow cover colors that complement your bed sheet.
  • Blanket: Some people make the mistake of putting blankets of the same color as that of the sheet. Avoid this. Instead, try to go for a contrast. This helps in giving your room a popping look.
  • Throws: If you don’t want a blanket on your bed, you might consider placing a patterned throw on it. You can rarely go wrong with a throw. Whether it be animal prints, block colors or patterns, throws always make rooms more girly.

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