Bed Linen Cotton: Sateen vs. Percale vs. Linen

We spend a third of our lives on the bed which is why buying the perfect mattress is so important. But why stop there? Like you do not ruin a great recipe by using bad ingredients, the bed linen cotton to go on top of the mattress should be of the highest quality too.

While the thread count is one way to determine the quality it can often be misleading. There are two types of sheets you should consider if you are looking for the best quality of cotton namely Percale and Sateen. They cost higher than the short-weave bed linen cotton but that is because they have a very high-quality finish. The difference between the two is the type of weave they are made of.


The weave consists of one yarn over and one under with a matte finish that is crisp and cool to the touch. The texture improves after each wash and because the material is durable it will not come undone. Percale is the perfect bed linen cotton for summers because of the breathable and lightweight material.


Sateen derives its name from satin because it is very similar to it in luxuriousness. The fabric is less expensive and much stronger than satin. The weave contains one-yarn under and three-over to produce more surface and give a silky sheen. Sateen is resistant to wrinkles and tightly woven which is why it is heavier than Percale. This bed linen cotton is much more suited for year-round use.


Linen is much more casual and laid back as compared to Percale and Sateen. It is strong, breathable and made from the flax stem. If you are looking for a soft and durable bed linen cotton without buying a formal finish then you should go for linen.

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