Tips on Choosing the Best Bed Linens

Checking the Thread Count

The thread count of a bed linen is used to determine the smoothness and strength of a bed sheet. However this measurement refers to the number of threads woven into a square and is not always reliable. High thread count is a factor but the type of cotton it is should also be considered when buying the best bed linens.

The Quality of Cotton

The best bed linens are made of pure Egyptian cotton. The second best is 100% Pima cotton which also known as Supima. If the label says “100% cotton” then you can assume that it is American upland cotton which is a less expensive rougher variety. The long fibres of Egyptian cotton make for thin and long-lasting sheets. Upland cotton has shorter fibres that poke out and produce a weaker and coarser fabric. Pima cotton is less likely to fall apart. It is possible to find a good set of queen-sized Pima bedsheets for an affordable prize. For the best bed linen you will have to invest more to get a set of Egyptian cotton.

Which Quality is better?

There are two types of Egyptian cotton: Percale and Sateen. Percale has a plain matte weave that is cool and crisp to the touch which is why it is the preferred choice for summers. Whereas sateen is a heavier, softer fabric with a luxurious finish. If you are not sure of the one you want then you can touch the sample swatches on display to get a better idea of the linen.

Are there Cheaper Options?

A smarter and more affordable choice would be the cotton-polyester blend that is marked ‘easy care’. It can withstand frequent washing and still look crisp after going through the dryer. The sheets should not be over 30 percent synthetic because they will start to feel uncomfortable.

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