Things to Consider When Buying Bed Linen Sheets

When buying fabric you look at a few things to make sure it is suitable for the intended purpose. Here is a list of factors to think upon before buying bed linen sheets.


Cotton: This is the best and most expensive fabric. It has extra-long fibres that produce luxurious and durable bed sheets.

Pima Cotton: The fibres of this material are of medium length and it is known for a softer and smoother finish. The price is also slightly lower than that for pure cotton.

Linen: Ideal for places with a warmer climate because they are breathable. Linen is the most expensive bed sheet but it can last for more than 10 years. The sheets have a worn-in and cosy feel and they become even softer after they are washed.

Poly-blend: These sheets are ow-maintenance and resistant to wrinkles as well.


The method which is used to weave the sheets also affects their finish. For example percale bed linen sheets are lightweight and woven tightly so that they produce a cool and crisp bedding. The microfiber is dense, tightly woven and dense making it resistant to wrinkles and water. The other weaves used are the soft and silky sateen and flannel that has a rougher texture suitable for colder climates.


Like the other parts of the bedroom, the bed linen sheets also add to its design. Experts recommend choosing a pattern within the same colour family as the walls and furniture of the bedroom. You can also experiment with the prints to change-up your bedroom design.


The type of bed linen sheets you pick also depends on the season in which you intend to use them. As mentioned above some materials are suitable for warmer areas while others are for those that experience a harsher winter.

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