Where to Find Luxury Bed Linen


This brand has a rich history and is known to be the company that provides linen to the top stars of Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor, Nan Kemper and many others shop from the Prates family. The name is connected to stars, luxury and the upper-class of society. You can have a piece of that royal lifestyle as well by shopping for luxury bed linen from Prates. Their bed sheets are also available at retailers like Linen Tree and Bloomingdale’s. They have iconic collections like the Hotel Sweet Hotel and Paradise Cotton that has been around since the 90’s. Linens from this collection are popular as of the finest ones in the world.


Anichini has the global sensibility and linens made of vibrant patterns at colours which are unlike those of any other American company. Their headquarters are based in Vermont but they import textiles from all across the world. The textile is turned into luxury bed linen by skilled craftswomen working out of a farmhouse. These bedsheets are referred to as the ‘heirlooms of tomorrow’ by the brand. Apart from the comfortable sets of bedsheets the company also produces luxurious quilts, cashmere throws, duvets, coverlets and pillows.

Peacock Alley

The brand was launched Mary Ella Gabler and is named after the marble corridor at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. Gabler began selling quilted pillows in 1973 and built her brand from there. Her high-quality luxury bed linens were completely endorsed by the high society of the Upper East Side and once the business took off she began expanding her market. The sheets invoke a feeling of elegance and comfort unmatched by any other. You can buy linen from Peacock Alley and feel like you are one of the elite.

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